Running Man Q&A - Episode 97 Was Highest Rated #Runningman Show

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Running Man: Episode 97

by gummimochi


I hope you haven’t gotten sick of Park Ji-sung yet because there’s more khổng lồ come in this Spy Mission và Asian Dream Cup 2012. There’s some serious soccer player fangirling ahead so don’t say that I didn’t warn ya.

EPISODE 97. Broadcast on June 3, 2012.


Last week, we left off with Park Ji-sung been given a spy mission (eliminate all the Running Man) and the opportunity to lớn “buy” an ally among the cast from a menu. At the time, he didn’t have enough khổng lồ choose anyone.

Everyone is enjoying some downtime when Suk-jin asks IU who she considers “oppa.” Nearly all the guys fall under that category except for Ji-sung who she refers to lớn as “Sir.” The soccer sensation blushes at the respectful formality.

Ji-hyo asks if the mark on his arm is a tattoo but alas it’s a pen mark from giving an autograph. I remember this hit headlines and caused a little stir as well.


The cast scratch their heads at the mission card. Suk-jin: “It’s just a question mark.” Mr. PD explains that today’s final mission is hidden beneath someone’s name tag. Additionally, various hints of that person’s identity are hidden in the building.

Then Ji-sung is personally told what that mission is: Find the Spy. Ooh, this is good.

We’re reminded how much Baht he’s earned thus far: 18,500. Problem is, he’s still short of scouting out who he really wants: Spart
. So who will he choose?


I love how each cast member’s description và price pops up whenever we meet them. Lượt thích how Gary won both Strongest Running Man Games or that Kwang-soo is known khổng lồ betray others.

In another part of the building, Ji-sung meets with his recruit…

The crew has hilariously masked the voices but given the nervous mannerisms, we can guess who… They agree khổng lồ find out who is carrying the final mission on their back before they eliminate anyone else.


Ace Ji-hyo smiles at her first hint: Song. She thinks, “Is it me?” We flashback khổng lồ see that, indeed, the mission card is hidden underneath her name tag.

Jae-suk finds another hint himself:Single/Unmarried. Another pointed arrow khổng lồ Ji-hyo.


Incriminating Kwang-soo is back, whispering to Jong-kook that Suk-jin has targeted the Tiger. On that word alone, Suk-jin is taken out. HA – & underneath his, it says, “Race Start!” After Ji-sung hears the announcement, he wonders if Suk-jin was eliminated without a reason.

He spots Ji-hyo in the distance but she’s not alone as Jong-kook emerges from the shadows. He moves in, placing a hand on his back… and Jong-kook whips around, sincerely shocked.


Ji-sung pipes, “I just wanted to lớn touch once!” Boy’s gotta work on his poker face too because he looks at Spart
blank-faced when Ji-hyo shows them her clue.

And what is eagle-eyed Jong-kook’s deduction? “It’s a tuy vậy …” Oh honey, the clue’s staring straight at you.

Ji-hyo suspects Gary, who’s acting strange và then Spart
turn to Ji-sung. They don’t believe that he hasn’t found anything yet and then Ji-sung turns his pockets to lớn prove it. Hahaha, aw.


So Ji-sung buckles down lớn find some clues, searching high & low. He wanders around, wondering why he hasn’t found one yet – the RM staff tends to lớn hide them in obscure places. People wouldn’t laugh at him for his tactic, right? We are but it’s because you’re adorable.

He gets a flare of jealousy when he sees Haha, Jae-suk, and IU gathered, exchanging hints. Added lớn the danh mục is: Over 160cm.

Jae-suk jokes: “I guess Haha and IU are out then.”


Everyone suspects Haha & who should sneak up to them but the man himself. He throws up his hands as the crowd close in on him. They’re miễn phí to kiểm tra him but he doesn’t have a single clue on him. They’re not ready to lớn believe him yet và Jae-suk points out that IU’s hand is mere inches from his back.

Haha defends that it might be Jong-kook because he’s always the spy when they least expect it và immediately IU’s line of sight zeroes in on Jong-kook’s back. HAHAHA.Jae-suk points out that she pulls the scared act when she’s being chased but looks with hungry eyes when she’s the chaser.

In any case, Jong-kook reasons that it can’t possibly be Ji-hyo because it’s too easy. I can’t wait for you to see this to see how wrong you were.


Meanwhile, Gary uncovers another clue: the letter H (for Ji-hyo). Then he SHOUTS it out for the entire world to hear. The cameras focuses in on Haha. Whoops, time khổng lồ run Haroro!

The others demand lớn see the hint themselves. So off comes the hat and there it is, sitting on his head. HAHAHAHA.

Haha gets defensive, “It doesn’t have khổng lồ be me! song Ji-hyo!” Jong-kook dismisses the idea và this time, IU eyes Ji-hyo’s name tag. Haha runs to lớn the rooftop & I love how everyone is so hung up on this particular clue. Jong-kook: “It’s not ‘One Man’ right?” (One man = Han namja)

There’s a noise downstairs và we see Kwang-soo’s eliminated. Aw the poor guy didn’t even get a funny phrase behind his name tag!


Everyone gathers on the roof & they close in on Haha. Then IU reaches for Haha’s back and subsequently tears of his & Gary’s name tags. Woah, that’s a shocker.

Haha run off again in that distracted moment và IU argues her logic, “Gary’s real name is Hee-gun!”


Haha has a final request: to go 1:1 versus Ji-sung. He’s given a 2 second head start but Ji-sung speeds up right away and Haha’s eliminated in 5 seconds flat. Dude, that’s what you get for trying to outrun a professional soccer player!

But too bad Haha’s name tag comes up blank. Haha: “I told you!”

That’s enough of a clue for IU to lớn make another educated guess & this time she runs straight for Ji-hyo. Just like that, the final mission is out in the open. Commence chaos.

Confused, Jae-suk asks about the “H”connection & Haha explodes in the background, “It’s H for Ji-hyo you idiots!”


Now with only four remaining, they rack their brains over possible spies. On first glance, Jong-kook would suspect Ji-sung but on behavior, it would be IU. Ji-sung tries to lớn turn the tables onto Spartakoook but he stutters, “If he is a s-s-spy…!”

He makes a fine recovery when they gọi him out on it, stating his fear for Jong-kook. Ji-sung suggests that there’s power in numbers which is when IU starts walking towards Jong-kook who balks, “Why are you coming here again?!”


Jong-kook và Jae-suk slip away to lớn another room when the former is hit with an idea – there could be 2 spies. Now you’re talkin’. They agree to trust each other for now & decide to lớn take on Jisung… when he suddenly appears outside with a huge smile on his face.

And while Jong-kook tries to find a way to lớn lock the door safely, a hand reaches for his back…

We flashback to the earlier “secret” meetings và look who it is: Jae-suk. Oh man Gary – you didn’t even suspect that little head nod of his?


Now back lớn the present and rrrriipppp goes Jong-kook’s name tag. You can almost see the blood boiling just beneath the surface. Ji-sung eliminates Jae-suk lớn get IU off their tail và in the next moment he takes her out too, calmly as you please.

When the pieces come together in her head, she lets out her pent up emotions. Ji-sung succeeds in his spy mission & then invites the whole cast lớn the Asian Dream Cup.

So it’s straight to the airport onto Thailand! They arrive late at night & this is when I’m impressed: hundreds of fans await their arrival at the airport.


Morning. Jae-suk is oddly missing và the others clamor khổng lồ take over the center spot. They decide lớn pretend like he’s there và the staff Photoshop him in, green blazer và all. HA!

Mr. PD explains that only two of them will have the honor lớn participate in the soccer match và that will be decided via a Survival mission. There’s still that teeny issue about the main MC và Ji-hyo suggests that the second best-looking man should bởi it (Jae-suk was first, Gary second).

Gary steps in: “I’ll bởi vì it seum dwa! Starting today the Monday Couple will start over!” Yes please! But there’s no need for them to lớn fill in because Jae-suk has already sent in a substitute…


… & Ji-sung takes his place in the center. I knew you couldn’t be away for too long! Jong-kook comments that it might be a little much & then Ji-sung launches midsentence into MC mode.

We see Jae-suk asking Ji-sung for this very favor, apologetic that his return flight is at the break of dawn. Ji-sung: “If I knew that, I wouldn’t have invited you.”

The cast runs him through the catchphrases, (e.g. “Stress!”) but Ji-sung refuses khổng lồ participate in the Feel Touch, Cross! chant.


Ji-sung introduces the first game – VJ arm-wrestling. Breakin’ down that fourth wall for us there, aren’t ya? Kwang-soo’s VJ wins his first round.

Woah, Jong-kook’s VJ is nearly as built as he is. Easy win. Then Suk-jin’s VJ loses and he bursts, “I let you rest enough when I got eliminated first all those times!”


The cast runs Ji-sung through that classic variety move of choosing an ideal girl group he likes via “World Cup.” (Basic premise: You choose one over the other within a time limit through several rounds of elimination. Whoever is left is presumed to lớn be your ‘ideal’.) Girls Generation comes out on top but then they egg him to lớn choose one member.

He chooses Yoon
A and then sends her đoạn clip message, “Oppa’s on break right now. You free?”Oppa means it!

Then Haha points out that Suk-jin isn’t here to witness this. Oh, right… I totally forgot about him.


At their next mission location, they’ll need lớn buy the thắng lợi that Ji-sung tells them in Thai. They scatter pronouncing the word (‘eung-uh’) every which way until someone finally understands them. The fans inform them (one even speaks in Korean) that it’s rambutan, a kind of fruit.

Xem thêm:

Once Haha and Kwang-soo find it, they fight over who gets lớn bring it first. Haha bites down. Hard.

Now it’s just a matter of who comes in last – either Jong-kook or Ji-hyo. We see them buy the fruit at the same time… & it’s Jong-kook who comes ’round the corner.


They arrive to their third mission location where Ji-sung signs and kicks three soccer balls. Kwang-soo unfortunately loses out.

Then it’s their final elimination mission before the game. & awaiting them is North Korean-Japanese striker, Jung Dae-sae (He was born in nhật bản but his parents are of Korean descent. His mother identifies as North Korean.). They freak out excitedly.

What’s better about this greeting is that Dae-sae and Gary take one look at each other. The resemblance is striking và Dae-sae comments, “My mother said that I had a hyung in Korea.” Gary: “That’s me!”


He compliments Ji-hyo which is when Gary steps in again, “Sorry, it hasn’t been that long since we’ve broken up!” Monday Couple for lyfe!

Oh right the mission – Dae-sae is going to tear off your name tags. Gulp.

In the downtime, Gary suggest that they drop the formality to lớn which Dae-sae agrees to. He calls Gary, “Hyung-nim,” và he melts. Dae-sae rests his head against Gary’s shoulder & I’m a goner. Why are you soccer players so damn cute?!

Omg & do you have to lớn jump hug him lượt thích that Gary? I’m seriously dying from the cute.


The mission starts và Dae-sae goes after Jong-kook first. Off comes one name tag (they’ve got 2 lives) and I am seriously impressed. Jong-kook is legit afraid of Dae-sae.

After taunting them, Dae-sae runs straight for Haha and soon all three have one life remaining. Gary defends himself, “It’s hyung!’ Dae-sae’s final target? Haroro which leaves Jong-kook & Gary to participate in the game.


Just when you thought we were all guest-ed out, someone else saunters in: Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand. He’s just as tall as Kwang-soo and is familiar with Running Man. Aw, Haha – you sent him chocopies as a fan?

Haha’s heart sinks because he didn’t hear of a response but Rio says that he posted a picture. “You don’t follow me on Twitter?” I think he will now.


Jong-kook & Gary sweat in the locker room & on the field and, wait… hold up. IS THAT JOONG-KI?!

The game begins and Haha và Kwang-soo act as sports commentators. Lee Chung-yong sinks in a goal to make it a 1:1 game.


Kwang-soo must have a lot of fans in đất nước xinh đẹp thái lan because the stadium starts khổng lồ chant his name. He performs his robotic dance for them & the stadium erupts in cheers.

The first half ends & we see that Jong-kook and Gary are so nervous that they haven’t laughed once or looked away from the field. When the second half begins, they’re told khổng lồ warm up one by one.

OMG that’s Ahn Jung-hwan (fangirls). Anyone else who has seen the 2002 World Cup will know how I feel.


Jong-kook gets control of the ball and it’s like Spartakooks on a rampage. It’s so xinh tươi how the others get so excited cheering for him on top of their lungs. He kicks… and it’s too far from the goal. Aw.

What’s hilarious is that Ji-sung takes him by the shirt & pretends to lớn yank him. Heh, doesn’t forget for a second that they’re still filming a variety show.


Gary, on the other hand, is a little bit more embarrassing khổng lồ watch và the cast avert their eyes. Pass after pass he fails và the looks on the Korean National Team players are priceless. They’re all, Wuh?

He eventually finds his groove… well almost because the opposing team intercepts the ball. You probably want your Duplicator nguồn back, huh?


They thua the match (2:4) khổng lồ the xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện thái lan All-Star Team & they hang their heads. When Ji-sung walks in, Gary mentions that he got yelled at by Ji-sung: “There’s not that much time left!”

They snap some souvenir photos and Ji-sung leaves a warm-hearted message lớn Korea…


… và it’s not quite over yet. Gary suggests to lớn Dae-sae that they should produce a single together. Dae-sae entitles it, “My Life.” Gary: “So how much of a cut (%) are you thinking…”

Sunday"s new episode of Running Man is a continuation of last week with special guest IU & for the 3rd time this week, Park Ji Sung. This is the Asian Dream Cup episode with new guests, tuy vậy Joong Ki (we"ve missed you), & soccer players Rio Ferdinand (England) and Jong Tae Se (North Korea...awkward?)

Spy Mission: Ji Sung still hasn"t picked a spy yet. Everyone is in a conference room, waiting on news for the next mission. Jong Kook is called out, saying the race has officially started. He goes into another room with a PD, including everyone else. Everyone gets a card, saying, "On the back of someone"s nametag, the final mission is hidden. They have to rip that tag off in order lớn find out." There are hints around the building. However, Ji Sung is told that behind someone"s back it says "Spy Mission" therefore he has lớn get all the Running Man members out. Whoever gets him out becomes the winner. Ji Sung"s spy is...
After the meeting, Ji Sung starts khổng lồ rip off the name tags, running into everyone along the way. The don"t suspect him at all yet. However...we find out who the spy is...and it"s none other than......hidden again lol. They keep playing games lol, they disguised his voice and blurred his image, although I"m 1000% sure it"s Joong Ki LOL.
Gwangsoo starts his betrayal, apparently Su Kin told Gwangsoo that they were gonna rip off Jong Kook"s tag, which turns out to lớn be true, so they rip off Suk Jin"s name & behind it, it says "RACE START!" LOLLLLLL. So Suk jin is out.
Ji Sung has his eyes phối out for Ji hyo which is correct, but he has to get around Jong Kook. He was about lớn rip off his name and Jong Kook for the first time was literally scared. But Ji Sung should"ve just ripped it when he had the chance! Jeez. So Ji hyo, Jong Kook & Ji Sung meet up và he"s freaking out that Ji hyo has already found a hint. However, they are so dumb, they think "Song" means an actual tuy vậy LOL. But it stands for song Joong Ki LOL.
Anyways, Ji Sung escapes them without suspicion and starts looking for the hints but he"s really in panic mode. He is so cute lol.

Haha và Jae Suk are afraid of IU because she likes to lớn suddenly attack even though she looks innocent lol. She"s really cute. IU"s hint says "Over 160cm" so clearly it"s not Haha and IU. Well...

Everyone starts suspecting Haha & they start circling around him. For some reason, they think the opposite of "over 160 cm", he"s single, and he"s a singer LOL. Ok.
Meanwhile, Gary is off doing his own thing and finds a hint. It says, "H" as in the character H for song Ji Hyo. Gary starts yelling, "H H H!!!" và then chaos ensues LOL. They have the vil laughter put in from Thriller LOL, and they start after Haha LOLLLLLLll. But then Haha starts yelling out " tuy vậy JI HYO!" và of course he"s right, he always is, but no one ever believes him LOL. But then Jong Kook thinks it"s "Han Namja" his tuy nhiên LOL.
Meanwhile, the prey becomes Gwangsoo & he"s out LOL. But that doesn"t mean Haha is in the clear. IU gets really greedy & starts after people. She takes off Gary"s name tag because of how the character looks for Kang Gary. He"s out, but Haha immediately runs away because he isn"t safe. They catch Haha again. He demands that he will only be caught by Ji Sung & it becomes epic lol. Ji Sung is extremely fast LOL, even after a 2 second head start.

IU immediately goes after Ji Hyo and reveals that she has the final mission lớn find the spy lol. IU then runs to Ji Sung. Haha is extremely pissed because he said it was Ji hyo LOL.
Everyone starts suspecting và they move on lớn Jong Kook, that maybe he"s the spy. Everyone agres khổng lồ separate but it still seems creepy. Jong Kook and Jae suk start thinking and come up with the 2 person spy usual. Ji Sung waits for them outside the door, but Jae suk starts to take off Jong Kook"s tag.
There"s a flashback và it"s revealed that Ji Sung recruited Jae suk as is wing man. REALLLLLLLLLLLy. LOL. I WAS WRONG. But how cool would it have been if Joong ki really did appear as the spy VP lol.
Anyways, I didn"t expect that, I thought it was IU because she"s so greedy lol. Well, Jae Suk succeeds in getting Jong Kook lol. Jae Suk becomes the victim, Ji Sung tears off his name tag và IU really believed Jae Suk was the spy, but then Ji Sung cooly tears off her name tag LOL. Ji sung succeeds!!!!

They get in the car & it is revealed that everyone will go lớn Thailand, except for IU since she has a schedule. They pretend lớn be surprised lol.
Survival Mission, Asian Dream Cup: The members are told that there are 2athletes chosen for the Survival Game. Jaesuk couldn"t be with them at that moment, so Ji Sung is the sub MC haha.
Jae suk has another schedule, so he came lớn Thailand, but because of issues, he has to go back, so he meets with Ji Sung & gives him the mission card. Aww, this is the first time I don"t gt lớn see Jae Suk in a variety show, seriously. But did he really just fly all the way to xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện just to go back? Really lol.
First Survival Mission: Arm wrestling with the help of a VJ. First, it"s "Gwangsoo" versus "Haha". Gwangsoo"s VJ wins the first round. Next is "Jong Kook" versus "Ji Hyo". 1 second, Jong Kook"s VJ wins LOL. Next is "Suk jin" versus "Haha". It"s close, but Haha"s VJ wins lol. Suk jin is out for the survival game.
Second Survival Mssion: The members take a boat & have drinks and the mood is nice. Ji Sung chooses his ideal type and chooses SNSD of course. And of course he chooses Yoona. -___- But the mood is really nice, ever since Ji Sung has been on the show, the mood has been really nice, he fits in, it"s funny and everyone seems sincere!!
They finally arrive at the destination. They have to find some food from the market that is of course told in thai by Ji Sung. Everyone rushes off, looking for "Eung oh"? lol Gary was freaking hilarious lol. Haha & Gwangsoo find some residents & they describe it to lớn him but not exactly what it is lol. They finally found "Eung oh" it"s a rambutan. They begin fighting over who gets it first and it"s Haha, so now he rushes back. Haha is correct and he gets to go lớn the 2nd round lol. After being ridiculously foolish, Gary finally finds it.
Side note, Jong Kook has good english lol. But it becomes the final race between Ji hyo & Jong Kook và Jong kook comes in first. Unfortunately Ji hyo has been eliminated và they go back khổng lồ the khách sạn lol.
Second Survival Mission: Ji sung will sign the soccer balls, so the others much catch the signed ball while he"s kicking out others. Once again it"s Gwangsoo versus Haha, but Haha gets the signed ball. Jong Kook then gets a signed ball. Now it"s Gwangsoo versus Gary LOL. Gary gets it but Gwang soo won"t give up. They have to put the ball inside of the bag in order to lớn pass lol. LOL. So now Gwangsoo is out lol
Final Survival Mission: The next day, it"s the last 3. The last mission is to lớn play against Jung Tae Se lol. There is a brief moment of foolishness for
Gary is his doppelganger, they really vì look alike LOL. The other members come out to lớn greet them. Jung will take off their name tags and of course thy freak out. However, they get 2 name tags. So at least they have a chance at beating him. Jong Kook gets a yellow card in lượt thích 20 seconds. Dannnggg. This is the first time he looks legitmately scared.
Tae se then goes after Gary và gets him. He then goes after Haha, so no everyone has a yellow card! Haha is then caught and he"s out. So Gary and Jong Kook will play in the game with Ji Sung that night!!
Joong ki is also invited so they enter the field. The other members are watching from the audience, cheering them on. It"s Par Ji Sung & friends versus vương quốc của nụ cười All stars. Gwangsoo gets the crowd pumped and causes attention lol. After the 1st hakf, Gary and Jong Kook enter the field. Jong Kook and Joong ki vì really good!!! The commander definitely shows up lol. However he misses the goal LOL. Gary goes in & kicks the ball in the wrong direction LOLLLLLLLLLLl, useless. The game ended. LOL. They feel really regretful lolllllllll, they were pretty useless lol.
This was a fun episode, a little rushed và they had so much going on, but still a funny episode. Joong ki did not really guest star!! But whatever. These past few episodes have been very entertaining with Par Ji sung, he really should become a permanent member, he fit right in lol.
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