Kim So Hyun, “Comparing Me To Kim Yoo Jung Was Very Uncomfortable Then, Now I Like It”

Many years have passed, but Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun are still pitted against each other.

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Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun both used khổng lồ be popular child actresses, getting recognition thanks to their abilities & becoming two current well-known actresses of the Korean entertainment industry. Although each has their own acting knack, different features, they also don’t look alike, over the years, two girls of the same age have been constantly pitted against each other, even causing “fan wars” on social media.

Kim So Hyun
Kim Yoo Jung

Having the same starting point as a talented child actor, but when the two actresses starred và played rivals in the historical drama The Moon Embracing Sun, their fandoms split up into 2 sides and the debate officially became intense. As the years went by, sometimes viewers still compare Kim Yoo Jung with Kim So Hyun, even though there is no conflict between the two actresses. Looking back at some past pictures, it can be seen that the Kim duo are even close friends.

Objectively speaking, apart from having the same starting point as child actors, the careers of the two female stars surnamed Kim don’t have much in common. Both are recognized for their acting ability through different projects by showing their own colors.

Kim Yoo Jung from a young age has matched well with an innocent, sweet, kindhearted character và often stars in historical dramas. She succeeds as a “grown-up actress” through hit dramas such as Love In the Moonlight, Backstreet Rookie and currently Hong Chun Gi. Excellent visuals & impressive acting skills make Kim Yoo Jung known as the goddess of Korean historical dramas.

Unlike Kim Yoo Jung, Kim So Hyun is more suitable for dramas phối in the modern time, especially when she plays a student. She has also proved her ability through various roles, both as the protagonist và antagonist. Kim So Hyun’s most popular works include School 2015, Love Alarm, Bring it on, Ghost, etc. Although her appearance sometimes sparks controversy, Kim So Hyun’s acting is always trusted by the viewers.

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Child actresses Kim Yoo Jung và Kim So Hyun are two of the biggest child stars in the entertainment industry.Having both experience và talent, they are considered actresses beyond their age, but as friends, how vì chưng they feel about being pitted against each other?During a news portal interview, Kim Yoo Jung talked about Kim So Hyun, & began by saying, "I am friends with Kim So Hyun because we've been through several productions and projects together, so when I see articles that compare the two of us, I don't feel good about it."She continued, "Being compared with each other allows us khổng lồ improve & develop, but if it's lớn the extent that will cause a misunderstanding between the two of us, I don't lượt thích it."Kim Yoo Jung showed great maturity by revealing that she does not take the comparisons to lớn heart, rather, she deems it as the public's interest and concern for the both of them.She also said, "We are different in our acting, productions, characters, image, và even our physical appearance is different. I think we're being compared because we're of the same age, but looking at it differently, if we were similar, we probably wouldn't be compared at all."Finally, she concluded, "We are being compared because we are different."Kim Yoo Jung currently stars in the period drama "Secret Door."source: kdramastars

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littlefox12 9th-Sep-2014 03:41 pm (UTC)
They"re both good actresses, but I have to admit I"m team yoojung. It"s probably because I liked her pairing with yeo jingoo more than ksh"s pairing with him in a different drama.

fairyland_not 9th-Sep-2014 04:18 pm (UTC)
yeah i"m team yoojung definitely. Something about her in those non-modern (?) dramas that tugs my heart. I loved her in gumiho và definitely in the one with jingoo and sohyun. But one thing that"s definite is that they are known for dramas where they are never happy.

asnindie 9th-Sep-2014 03:57 pm (UTC)
Kim So Hyun is honestly better though I hope phái mạnh Jihyun can snatch both their wigs, she"s so talented yet still hasn"t had her breakout role.
Really? I lượt thích both but have to admit that Yoojung is better esp at emotional scene. She has more nuance in her acting and I lượt thích that she"s being able khổng lồ portray many emotions even in a simple scene.

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